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This article is about the faction. For the unit, see Maneater Mercenary.
Maneaters 01.jpg
A Maneater Mercenary.
Grand alliance Destruction
Associated factions Ogor Mawtribes
Races Ogor

Maneaters are unscrupulous and wild oversized Ogor warriors, reavers, guzzlers and hirelings that wander the Mortal Realms alone or in warbands, selling their abilities as mercenaries. They act as mercenaries both to satisfy their battlelust and for the reward, like food or glittering trifles. Whenever they get bored they move into new battlefield, often joining a rogue band of similar mind, as they do so.[1]

Becoming a Maneater

Maneaters abandon their tribes for many reasons, some because Gorkamorka appeared in their dream promising them riches and fights, while others may be due to violent strife within their clan. Forced out of their tribes they become lone strangers wanting to see the wonders of the Realms.[1]


As their reputation rise and their egos bloat they start to wear flamboyant armor, wicked new weapons and even take servants from the Greenskins tribes, which try to copy the lifestyle of their masters.[1]


Most maneaters consider themselves important and as such, signing a contract with one is a difficult task. They on't have the right understanding of wealth and are only interested in something delicious to eat or something exquisite to wear. They would prefer cheap, glittering trifles and barrels of bad quality beer instead of gold. Due to their choice of rewards many generals consider them simpletons, that can be easily fooled and manipulated.[1]


They've earned the nickname of Maneaters by the peoples of the Realms for eating any arrogant lord that would try to deny or fool a Ogor of his rightful payment.[1]



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