Baergut Vosjarl

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Baergut Vosjarl was a Beastclaw Ogor hero that witnessed the creation of the Alfrostuns and became the first Frostlord. Most Ogors believe that it was he who first summoned the first Everwinter.[1]

The most famous of the tales that tell this story is that Mork, angry at Baergut's claims of his race's superiority over all beasts, tricked Baergut into eating the heart of the ur-bear Jorhar. Using the promise of a great battle, Mork led him to the bear's lair in the middle of a wasteland with no food, driving Baergut almost mad with hunger. After a fight, the Frostlord hacked Jorhar open and ate the great bear's innards and still-beating heart. However, the organ was so powerful that it refused to be digested and cursed Baergut to always be followed by a cold wind. His heartbeat can be heard summoning the Everwinter to stalk the Beastclaws.[1]


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