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Ashur is a Firebelly Ogor who leads the Gutstuffers Mercenary Company. [1]

He leads a band of mercenary Maneaters who crave the taste of roasted flesh and whose appetites are huge even for their kind. [1]

When he speaks, cinders spark in his breath with each exhalation and his voice is like the grinding of the deep earth.[3]


His company found Ironjawz attacking a caravan on the Tunderstone Reach, too late to save any of the humans, they killed the orruks and built a fire to roast all the dead. As they sat down to eat they were attacked by a force of Astral Templars who thought them part of the horde commanded by Gordrakk, however before too many died on each side a truce was reached. The Stormcast leader offered them a good fight and plenty of orruks to eat if they helped blunt the advance of the oncoming horde. [2][3]


And what do you care? You’d grant us a feast of flesh if we burn alongside you, is that it?



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