Craw Warglutt

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The Craw were an Ogor warglutt of terrifying repute, who met their end at the machinations of Garathrax, an event that led to the sorcerer's rise to daemonhood.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

The Craw met a brutal end when they came across the forces of Garathrax in the jungles of Invidia. Though the Ogors rip through the sorcerer's hosts, and even seemingly cause Garathrax's forces to flee, their victory is short-lived. The Ogors of Craw feast on their fallen foes, little knowing that Garathrax had infected his own warriors with a vile, slow-acting poison procured from the Splintered Fang. Despite their fierce constitution the Craw succumb to the toxins, choking on their own bile. When the last of them falls Garathrax is rewarded with daemonhood, a reward from the Changer of Ways for decades of callous schemes.[1a]