Nibolg Alfrostun

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The Nibolg Alfrostun is one of tht largest tribes of the Winterbite Mawtribe.[1a]


At the Battle of Black Peaks the Nibolg fought the Fell Scythe. Garl Gristlebeard earned much acclaim in this battle by grinding the Blood Warriors of the Fell Scythe into the earth.[1a]

The death of Yorva, the Frostlord of the Nibolg, at the claws of the Ravener of Icespine Pass, leads to the Ogors instigating the Rite of Hoctgar to elect a replacement. Garl Gristlebeard wins by slaying the Terrorgheist that felled Yorva, using the old Frostlord's frost spear.[1a]



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