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The Underguts Mawtribe is a Mawtribe dominated by subterranean Gutbusters originating from Ulgu and known for their love of explosives. They are led by the Overtyrant Grumlog Blisterhands. [1a][1b]


Known for their love of explosives and vast stocks of blastpowder, the Underguts have large numbers of Leadbelchers within their ranks who are experianced in fighting in the close quarters of their subterranean caves, blasting their foes or clubbing them into paste with the butts of their massive cannons. The favoured tactic of the Mawtribe during war is to unleash a cannonade with Ironblasters and Leadbelcher guns to pulverise the main line of their enemy in a single blow allowing their Gluttons to easily sweep through the survivors. Their monopoly on blastpowder has allowed the Underguts to swiftly risen to prominence amongst the Mawtribes, their Tyrants amassing the largest armoury of Ironblaster cannons ever assembled and have secured prosperous alliances with fellow cavern-dwellers such as the Gloomspite Gitz to launch night-time raids upon civlisation.[1a]


The Underguts Mawtribe originate from the deepest, darkest caverns of Ulgu and spent generations feasting upon the vile creatures that inhabit them developing a taste for the venomous and also turning their flesh a sallow greenish-yellow and causes them to drool poisonous liquids. They also became skilled miners that could tunnel vast distances through solid rock. [1a]

Age of Chaos

During the Age of Chaos they faced the duardin Underlords of Kazak Fulgar who were known for their blastpowder, created from a blend of crushed emberworm scale and chips of culverite which were abundant in the cavernous abyss under the mountain of Kazak Fulgar. The duardin were driven underground by Chaos legions and believed their cavern-gunforts to be safe until they met the Underguts. The resulting war long and bloody but in the end Ogors were victorious as they turned the enemy's greatest asset against them. The Mawtribe is known for its vast population of Gnoblars, who copied the duradin methods to create crude, unrefined blastpowder which fascinated to the Ogors, who delighted in the cacophonous explosions and the taste of the charred, splattered flesh left. Blasting great holes in their fortifications the Ogors overran the dazed duardin defenders and after finally consuming them entirelu they claimed Kazak Fulgar as their Glutthold, renaming it Mount Bellow for the thunderous explosions caused by mining Gnoblars that rumble through its cavernous depths. The Mawtribe’s warriors bear the image of the mountain proudly upon their gut-plates and in skitterpillar-blood tattoos. [1a]

Through the Age of Chaos, the Underguts journeyed along an ever-expanding Mawpath burrowing underground using a combination of explosives and chewing through the piles of rock and debris. While crude demolition work often cause rockfalls that squashed hundreds of Gnoblars but they also found it to be an effective tactic alongside making hunting their favourite pallid abominations easier. Their new-found explosive expertise also allowed the ogors to bring down the foundations of mountain strongholds and castle walls, leading to many delicious feasts.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

After discovering a realmgate to the Jade Kingdoms of Ghyran, the Underguts embarked on the Great Greenfeast, eating their way across the realm until they devoured the Freeguild outpost of Asverd Heights and began to threaten the lands of Hammerhal Ghyra. In response, the city sent a force led by the Stormcast Eternals to drive the Mawtribe back, though this has so far been only partially successful and the Underguts still bedevil the region.[2a]


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