Ogor Mawtribes

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Ogor Mawtribes
Ogor Army 01.jpg
An army of Ogors
Grand alliance Destruction
Associated factions Beastclaw Raiders
Main grouping Mawtribe
Races Gnoblar
Mounts Mournfang
Vehicles Ironblaster
Gnoblar Scraplauncher
Creatures Blood Vulture
Frost Sabre
Icefall Yhetee
Spell lores Lore of Gutmagic
Lore of the Sun-Eater
Prayers Everwinter Prayers
Scenery Great Mawpot
Warbands Hrothgorn's Mantrappers

The Ogor Mawtribes are the vast nomadic hosts of Ogorkind. They are living embodiments of Gorkamorka - who they refer to as the Gulping God - and his voracious hunger. When they march to war, the ground shakes beneath them, a rolling avalanche of unwashed skin. By stuffing their gaping mouths with raw meat and offal, they give thanks to their ravenous deity. [1a]


The Ogor Mawtribes mostly consist of two very different cultures united only by their worship of Gorkamorka and their ceaseless quest for meat. These are the Gutbusters who make up the majority of Ogors and the Beastclaw Raiders that ride upon massive beats trying to run away from a magical blizzard known as the Everwinter. When not raiding for food, these two cultures regularly clash for domination. Usually a Mawtribe is dominated by one culture but nearly every Mawtribe contains a number of Warglutts of the Gutbusters and Beastclaw Raider Alfrostuns.[1a] A Mawtribe is usually followed by mercenaries, monsters, and roving shamans that will fight on the Mawtribe's behalf in exchange for the promise of a good meal.[1e]


Gutbusters are a subculture of ogorkind organized into tribal gatherings called Warglutts and rules by a Tyrant, the biggest and toughest ogor in the tribe. These hulking warlords gather an elite retinue of warriors to their side to enact their will, while relying upon the primal powers of blood magic of their Butchers and Slaughtermasters to guide them to the next feast.[1c]

Beastclaw Raiders

Beastclaw Raiders are ogors that perpetually hunt for their next meal while fleeing the curse of the Everwinter, a supernatural blizzard that pursues them eternally. Organized into Alfrostuns, Beastclaws are often said to be riding into battle before the assembled hosts of the Gulping God.[1d]


Firebellies are tattooed, fire-breathing ogors that worship Gorkamorka in his aspect as the Sun-eater, named for the legend in which Gorkamorka is said to have swallowed the Red Sun over Ghur before belchinging molten fire across the land, and event said to have birthed the Realm of Aqshy. Firebellies wander the lands seeking out volcanoes, magna spouts, and lava lakes upon which to pray and consume flammable ingredients to stoke the raging fires within their oiled bellies.[1e]


Maneaters are ogors that have taken to a mercenary life. The term was coined during the excesses of the Age of Chaos, when Gorkamorka turned upon Sigmar and the ogors found themselves able to feast upon humans.[1e]


Main article: Mawpath

A Mawpath is a migratory route of a Mawtribe guided by the magic of the Butchers who can read the eternal hunger of Gorkamorka and find the direction of the greatest quantities of fresh meat. Mawpaths are usually a circular journey consisting of leaving their lair and chewing a great bite out of the realm before returning to their homeland for a gluttonous feast and traveling further and further with each successive raid in order to find new sources of food.[1b]


Gulping God

Main Article: Gulping God

The Ogor Mawtribes worship an instiable incarnation of Gorkamorka known as the Gulping God. As the name suggests, Ogors imagine their deity to be much like themselves, a ravenous and violent monster that is only concerned with seeking out and devouring his next meal. According to Ogor myth, the Gulping God's appetite couldn't be quenched and thus he began devouring the realms themselves. From the pools of dribble left behind where the Gulping God devoured the lands, the first Ogors appeared as physical manifestations of the Gulping God's hunger.[2b]


Main Article: Sun-Eater

A legend from the Age of Myth affords the Gulping God the title of 'Sun-Eater'. This aspect of the Gulping God is said to have devoured the red sun of Ghur, even as it scorched his insides. As a great heat rose within the Sun-eater, he beleched out a huge wave of molten flame that coalesced into the Realm of Aqshy itself. The Firebellies that will follow the camps of the Mawtribes seek to emulate this great act.[2b]


Main Article: Everwinter

The Everwinter is the collective name for the terrible ice storm shadowing the Mawpaths migrations of the Beastclaw Raiders. Unlike a normal tempest, the Everwinter's pursuit is eternal and relentless. While its origins are obscured, all the various origin stories surrounding it suggest some sort of divine presence and few gifted Ogors can even commune with this deity and summon its terrible power as needed.[2a]

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