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Gluttholds are the ancient, ancestral strongholds of the Ogor Mawtribes and each is a gruesome monument to hunger and greed, who the Mawtribes worship as the Gulping God or Great Beast that Consumes the Realms. Every Mawtribe has their own Glutthold, which is built on sacred land claimed by the Mawtribe long ago. Typically a Glutthold takes the form of a mountainous retreat or a subterranean complex,[1a]


Gluttholds are ancient strongholds, built on land claimed by Ogor Mawtribes long ago. Each one serves as the ending and beginning of it's Mawtribe's migratory conquests. Maw-shaped totems line the Gluttholds, which are centered on immense feeding pits that contain many butcher slabs and cook fires.[1a]


A Mawtribe will return to it's Glutthold at the culmination of it's migratory conquests along the Mawpaths, whereupon the vast quantities of gore and meat taken during the past raids and battles will be poured into great bubbling cauldrons.[1a]

A great feast is then held where the thousands of Ogors of a mawtribe will glut themselves, fight, and praise the Gulping God, this grand festival is done in celebration of the virility that will birth the next generation. The Mawtribe's Butchers channel the energies of this festival to tear a portal into the gory mess of the Glutthold's feeding pits, a portal that leads to new and untouched feeding grounds.[1a]