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Leadbelchers are gunner Ogors of the Gutbusters armies.[1a]

Never the most cautious of creatures, ogors practise a form of fire discipline that would make a veteran Ironweld cannonmaster blanch with horror, often lumbering towards the enemy with lit tapers in their mouths. Most Leadbelchers are covered with powder burns and scars, the result of point-blank detonations and misfires. But such injuries are considered a small price to pay for the thunderous firepower at their disposal.[1a]


They wield crude guns into battle, whose barrel are stuffed with whatever is within reach. Objects like rocks, debris and handfuls of scavenged weapons all prove to be effective ammunition if there are no cannonballs to be found. When a Leadbelcher gun is fired, this hail of shrapnel blasts outwards and shreds everything in a wide arc to a bloody paste.[1a]

Should Leadbelchers find themselves in close combat their iron-wrought guns serve as devastating bludgeons.[1a]


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