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Icon of the Sovanheng Alfrostun.

The Splinterguts Alfrostun are a tribe of the Ogor Beastclaw Raiders from the Realm of Ghyran and are said to have the hunger of the ur-bear. In the Jade Kingdoms they are known as the Splinterguts for the number of sylvaneth they have devoured.[1c]

The Sovanheng Alfrostun is unique in that its Everwinter is front of crystal-clear cold so intense that the air freezes beneath pitiless blue skies.[1b]

Known Members

  • Vorgrun Loshar: Frostlord of the Sovaheng during the age of the Realmgate Wars. Made infamous in the Realm of Ghyran for fighting alongside both the Sylvaneth and the forces of Nurgle. Acting as fickle mercenaries who join which ever side can provide "Good eating". Vorgrun has lead his tribe away from their former hunting grounds in an effort to find and join with Gordrakk.[1a]


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