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The Everwinter is a mystical snowstorm of terrible power, capable of instantly freezing anything that falls into its grasp that follows the Beastclaw Raiders. While their blubberous bodies and thick skin offer protection from the cold, even Beastclaw ogors cannot withstand the mystical temperatures of the Everwinter and will be frozen to the ground but kept alive while their hunger grows ever more agonising and as a result they are always in danger. There are places where entire Alfrostuns of Beastclaw Raiders stand in frozen formation but when some adventurer passes by, the smell of meat may cause ogors to strain hard enough to shatter their icy bindings freeing them. [1a]

The Everwinters may manifest in a variety of ways for different groups of Beastclaw Ogors. For example for those in the Boulderhead Mawtribe it manifests as a furious barrage of fist-sized hailstones while the ogors of the Winterbite march to war enveloped in a blanket of white fog and the Thunderbellies bring a booming gale that drives their foes inexorably backwards. While the Everwinter poses many dangers to the Beastclaw Raiders it is also the source of their power. Enemies that survive the ogors might are engulfed in freezing blizzards while the shamanistic warleaders known as Huskard Torrs channel the power of the storm in order to batter their foes with deadly missiles or shroud them in freezing palls of fog. [1a]

The Gutbuster tribes consider the Everwinter to be a curse that haunts those who have failed to properly appease Gorkamorka and many Tyrants and Overtyrants openly scorn the Beastclaw Raiders for this great shame, and more than one brutal civil war has been initiated as a result of just such an unwise insult. While it does not chase after the Gutbusters directly they also have no immunity to its effects and the Ogors of warglutts that swear allegiance to the Beastclaw dominated Mawtribes such as Boulderhead, Thunderbellies or Winterbite Mawtribes come to appreciate the Everwinter’s ferocity. [1a]


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