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Map of the Spiral Crux, parts of Ayadah in the bottom left.
Southern Ayadah.
Southern Ayadah.
Central Ayadah.

Ayadah is a continent in the Spiral Crux in the Realm of Metal.[1b]


Age of Chaos

During the Age of Chaos the armies of Ayadah join with those of Odrenn, Viscid Flux and Prosperis to go to war against the armies of Tzeentch that pour across the lands but are eventually defeated. [1b]

Age of Sigmar

At the beginning of the Age of Sigmar the survivors of Ayadah join with the Free People of Azyr and Stormcast Eternals to push back the Chaos hosts.[1b]

Orruks from the region of Skrappa Spill raided lands of Order trying to take control of the entire land of Ayadah making war upon the Fyreslayers of the Greyfyrd lodge and the Freeguild forces encroaching from beyond the Harkraken Cloud Banks. When the Shyish necroquake reached Ayadah the dead of countless wars returned to assail the living. While the living pushed the undead back they were weakened. Then the sky darkened and moisture began to appear on every surface to the point fires were extinguished and even best stored food were spoiled. Sawrms of bugs scuttled through as fungi grew at impossible rates into mushroom fields many miles across. As panic spread across all armies the Bad Moon appeared and leered down. Suddenly Skragrott and his Gloomspite hordes burst from the foothills of the Yhorn Mountains, from the canyon-fields around Lump’s Loonrock and the burned-out mines of Galhalla. Squigalanches and Spider Rider Skittermobs led the vanguard on every front to encircle the enemy. Troggoths destroyed orruk trophy mounds and triggered landslides of junk that buried entire regiments. Finally came the Moonclan Grots, led by summoned Malevolent Moons. The level of coordination led to a dozen enemy warlords being slain in a single night, impressing the Bad Moon so greatly that it vomited a cloud of asteroidal debris into the skies that spread a pall of darkness over Ayadah. Skragrott founded his new empire the Gloomspite kingdom of Skrappa Spill in Ayadah.[4a]


Nations and Settlements

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