Coast of Tusks

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Excelsis before the Coast of Tusks.

Coast of Tusks is coast in the Realm of Ghur.[1][2]

The Brackenmarsh lies to the east of Excelsis - a featureless expanse of foul-smelling mud, grime and bubbling pits of slime and weeds that reaches to the mouth of the enormous Ulwhyr Forest. A winding trade road leads to Marshpoint. The marsh is best crossed by Marsh Striders. [4]

The Forest of Gorch also grows near here.[3]

In the Age of Sigmar, the renowned Corsair captain Arika Zenthe based her fleet at the city of Excelsis and carved out an small bloody empire, carrying out raids all along the coast. [2]


Main article: Excelsis

Excelsis' is a prophecy-rich Cities of Sigmar built after the Realmgate Wars. Excelsis was founded after the end of the Realmgate Wars, around the Spear of Mallus a fragment of the World-That-Was. This stone allowed to see the future and help make the city rich and relevant. The Spear of Mallus grew to be so important that the currency of Excelsis, glimmerings, would be made solely from fragments of this stone. Said fragments would allow their owners to see, if for a while, the future, hence why Excelsis is described as being rich in prophecy. In more than thirty years, Excelsis' borders were expanded and its population doubled until there was no space left for housing. Excelsis's craftsmen decided to keep building anyway, making the city a labyrinthine network of alleyways called Veins.[2]


Gargants are known to live among the mountains found along the Coast of Tusks.[5a]

Flora and Fauna

Nomadic herds of Yarhi, Thundertusks, Rhinox, and Tokkashottle are often found in the mountain ranges, swamplands, and grassy plains of the Coast. The latter of which is where these herbivorous beasts graze. They are in turn hunted and preyed upon by predators such as Sabretusks and Shekli.[5a]