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A Solarian Wyvern being harvested in Barak-Urbaz.
The Emblem of Barak-Urbaz

Barak-Urbaz, is known as the Market City and is one of the six major sky-ports of the Kharadron Overlords, sailing high in the Realm of Chamon. [1]

Influence of Barak-Urbaz and Impact of the Garaktormun
Capital (aether-gold shares) Delegates on the Geldraad
Current capital[4a] Pre-Garaktormun capital[1] loss Pourcentage lost Current Delegates [4a] Delegates Pre-Garaktormun[1] loss
25,716,102 46,412,890 -20,696,788 -44.59% 1 2 -1


The most cosmopolitan of the sky-ports with many trading partners and the ability to ferry people not only around the Realm of Chamon but into other realms through its secret realmgates. In addition, the most skilled and greatest number of Aether-Khemists dwell in Barak-Urbaz and help to ensure that the cloud mines are the most efficient. The skilled Codewrights have worked hard to ensure that Code claims to the best cloud banks are reserved for the city.[1]

Location of Barak-Urbaz


During the Age of Sigmar Barak-Urbaz floats above the Kingdom of Ayadah, north of Galhalla, the City of the Golden Domes and the Chimera Isles. [1]


In the Age of Sigmar, the fleets of Barak-Urbaz sailed to the Realm of Aqshy to aid the Fyreslayers against the daemonic hordes of Tzeentch who were attacking nine different mountain ranges in order to secure strange crystals.[1]

A fleet is dispatched to clear cults of Slaanesh from the lands surrounding a small kingdom, but when the task is accomplished instead of the gold coins that the original pallid envoy promised, the duradin are instead presented with thousands of vertebral discs, each bearing a crude image of the Carrion King. [3]


Barak-Urbaz is renowned as a cosmopolitan city even by the standards of the Skyports of the Kharadron. As such Humans, Aelves, and Gholemkind are common sites among the city's outer districts. Though the city's population still remains predominantly Duardin.[6a]



It was not the gods that saved us. It was not even our skyvessels, nor the thunder of our guns. It was compromise. It was negotiation. It was a transaction between equal parties. The Code saved us, and made us what we are.’ .

Grand Admiral Varsk Hunniger of Barak-Urbaz.[4b]



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