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Hierarchy of the Tarkan warglutt

Warglutts are the tribal gatherings of the Gutbuster Ogors, which make up many of the lesser hosts of the great Mawtribes. Each of the great Mawtribes contains many of these lesser hosts which can vary greatly in size and composition.[1c]



In a majority of cases, a Gutbuster warglutt is ruled by a Tyrant, who commands with unquestioned brutal authority. There is no hereditary inheritance in ogor society, rather power is earned through brute force, battering one's rivals and messily consuming their innards. In time, an ogor may rise from the lowly status of an Ogor Glutton to become a Tyrant or even an Overtyrant in command of an entire Mawtribe. The Tyrant's word is law, save for the direction of the warglutt's path, which is guided by the Slaughtermaster. All other business, including the waging of battles and the busywork of negotiating with preyfolk for greater hoards of food, is onducted by the Tyrant.[1c]


The Tyrant is dependant upon an elite retinue to enforce their will and safeguard their position as the head of the warglutt. This retinue is made up of the biggest and meanest Ironguts to serve the Tyrant's Gutguard. These ogor champions keep the greater tribe in line through intimidation, bullying and bursts of extreme violence. In return, they are granted the choicest loot and the finest cuts of meat in the aftermath of a raid. The Gutguard rarely leave the Tyrant's side and in battle they fight as one to form a brutal cleaver that hacks into the heart of the enemy line. Their lack of self-interest should not be mistaken for loyalty, however. The great majority of the Tyrant's challengers will rise from within the ranks of the Gutguard, the apparent contradiction being perfectly natural natural to ogorkind.[1c]


Aside from the Tyrant, the most respected and feared member of the warglutt is its Slaughtermaster. This imposing figure leads the Butcher shamans in their gruesome rituals and is responsible for cooking up the Tyrant's meal after every battle. All ogors are are in awe of the mystical connection these strange shamans share with the Gulping God, and they often draw a following of fascinated worshippers. On rare occasions, a Slaughtermaster may overthrow their Tyrant and take command of the entire warglutt if they feel the will of Gorkamorka has not been fulfilled - or if their hunger simply gets the better of them.[1c]

Butcher Bands

Beneath the Slaughtermaster, but still occupying positions of great influence, are the Butchers, the shamans of the Gulping God. It is they who gather up and boil slain foes for the tribe's nightly meal. Ogor Gluttons flock about the cavalry slabs like hungry boars hunting for scraps, alongside Leadbelchers whose task is to blast apart particularly large chunks of flesh and meat for the cooking pot and Ironguts seeking the favor of the Gulping God.[1c]

Camp Followers

The feasts of the warglutt often draw out cursed abominations known as Gorgers, who wail and drool as they watch the Butcher blood-priests hack and tear apart prime cuts of meat. They are known to maintain a strange connection to the tribe's Butchers, who seem to be capable of communicating with them.[1e] However, Gorgers are seen as nothing more than repulsive beasts by their fellow ogors and are forced to live on the edge of a warglutt's encampments to scavenge for scraps of flesh and bone left behind.[1c]

Likewise scavenging around the warglutt's camp are scrawny beasts known as Gnoblars, who are obsessed with the seemingly worthless junk the ogors leave in their wake. For their part, the ogors typically avoid feasting upon them unless food supplies are desperately low. Not only do these scraggy things taste foul, they provide useful disposable fodder to hurl at fortified enemy positions. Plus, their crude war machines known as Scraplaunchers are surprisingly effective.[1c]


Depending on its size, a warglutt may draw a number of followers from outside its sphere of influence. The Firebelly shamans may wander out of the wastes to preach the word of the Sun-eater. Likewise, mercenary bands of Maneaters might dein to fight alongside a warglutt for a time, at least until they obtain a better offer.[1c]


A warglutt will typically advance alongside the main body of the Mawtribe, but on occasion they will divert from the Mawpath, setting out on their own pursuit of particularly tasty prey - or according to the unpredictable whims of their shamans. These splinter forces ravage their way across verdant lands, sometimes setting up camp in a region for decades or even centuries to pillage and feast, before ultimately returning to join their Mawtribe when ever last scrap of matter has been consumed.[1c]


Each of the many hosts of warglutts within a Mawtribe can vary greatly in size and composition. Some warglutts contain little more than a score of ogors scavenging for food, whole others number in the hundreds and are more than capable of sacking even the heavily defended cities.[1c]

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