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Frostlords are the mightiest Ogors of the Beastclaw Raiders that lead their Alfrostuns. All are ancient and powerful warriors, some even older than the Age of Chaos with entire armies and nations destroyed under their command. It is the Frostlord's duty to drive the Mawtribe forward and provide their ogors with a constant supply of food while dealing with any challenger to the position with swift, brutal violence. There can be no room for mercy or pity with only a soul touched by the cold of winter can hope to hold on to the chieftain's mantle.[1a]

In battle they rid upon the most ferocious Stonehorn or Thundertusk to charge ahead of the killing blizzard that marks the advance of the Beastclaw Raiders, the Everwinter itself lending power to the Frostlord's spear arm. Their booming voice spurs their warriors onwards and even the beasts of an Alfrostun redouble their efforts at their behest. The greatest among them are said to have voices that resound across continents, drawing ogors to their side to form an avalanche of destruction. [1a]


Leadership contests among the Beastclaw Raiders are commonly conducted upon Stonehorns or Thundertusks which end with the loser hurled to the ground and either consumed by the beast or trampled beyond recognition while their war mount is then served up to the rest of the tribe by the victor. Tyrants and Frostlords do not challenge each other for their respective positions since neither understands the other's way of war and both struggle to comprehend any culture but their own. When a Frostlord falls in battle, a new Frostlord is chosen through the Rite of Hoctgar where contestants set out alone into the wild, returning only when they have slain a mighty beast which will be offered to the rest of their tribe as to accept food from a contender's hand is to acknowledge them as master and at the end the one with the most followers will be crowned Frostlord.[1a]


The Frostlord's signature weapon is his Frost Spear which is also the symbol of a Frostlord's authority. It is a spear with a serrated head cooled in the freezing blood of Thundertusks and blessed by the icy breath of Gorkamorka, allowing it to punch through armour with ease and drive a killing cold deep into the body of the victim. When an ogor rises to claim rulership over an Alfrostun, they will either forge their own frost spear with the mystical aid of their Huskard Torr or claim the weapon of their defeated rival from their dead, frostbitten fingers. [1a]



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