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Huskard Torrs are Ogor shamans of the Beastclaw Raiders that leads the Torrbad, the Thundertusk riders of the clan. They are attuned to the essence of the Everwinter allowing them to summon its killing winds and icy hailstorms at will. They are mysterious and enigmatic figures able to read the winds and see the will of Gorkamorka in the frost. They go by various names, such as the Voice of Thunder, Frostborn and the Blizzard Speaker. While they rarely speak, when they do, they speak with the voice of winter. In addition to their powers Huskard Torrs are also mighty warriors that ride upon Stonehorns and Thundertusks, hurling harpoons and lethal shards of ice at their foes and battering down thoese that come close with their meaty fists. [1a]

A Huskard Torr is chosen by the Everwinter with the death of their predecessor, the storms and Thundertusks accept them as their voice with howling winds and baying roars. The Frostlord is responsible for officially bestowing the title, but it will rarely go against the omens the Everwinter. Once named, only death may release the ogor from their duty. In rare instances, a Huskard Torr might lead an entire Alfrostun, turning their clan into a Svarthegn or Icewind Raid.[1a]


Huskard Torrs may be armed with a Chaintrap or Harpoon Launcher. Some also carry Blood Vultures, vicious predators that help lead the Alfrostuns to their targets.[2]


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