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Rhinox with Ironblaster

Rhinox are some of the fierce herd animals found all across the Realm of Ghur, particularly in the Ghurish Hinterlands.[3a]


Rhinoxen are large, shaggy mammalian creatures with tusks.[3c]



They are also harnessed by the Gutbusters as steeds and beasts of burden.[2b] It is claimed that all Rhinoxen descend from the Ghurish Titanox, a legendary herd-beast slain by Grawl Meatfist.[3a]


Herds of Rhinox are commonly found all throughout the Ghurish Hinterlands, they are hunted as food by the Ogor, Troggoth, and Orruk tribes of the region.[2a][3a] They have also been sighted in the mountainous regions of the Coast of Tusks, where they are hunted by Gargants.[4a]


They are hunted for their meat by Orruk, Ogor, Troggoth, Human, and Gargant tribes all across the Realm of Ghur.[2a][3a][4a] The tribes of the Hinterlands hunt them, typically by herding them into deadly tar pits.[2a]

Gutbuster Ogors and Gnoblars of the Mawtribes use them to pull Ironblasters and Grot Scraplaunchers.[1a][1b]

Ossiarch Bonereapers harvest the bones and souls of these creatures in the creation of Kavalos Steeds.[5a]


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