Sons of Behemat

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Sons of Behemat
Gargant vs Stormcast 01.jpg
Sons of Behemat fighting Stormcast Eternals.
Grand alliance Destruction
Main grouping Stomp
Races Gargant

The Sons of Behemat are gargants that found their purpose and became more unified after the death of Behemat. They are growing so strong and large that some speculate that one may grow so large as to become a new World Titan.[2]

The many types of gargants found throughout the Mortal Realms are rightfully feared for their sheer gigantic size and colossal strength. Having no natural predators, the gargants hunt, sleep, eat people whole, drink captured ale, sleep again, belch, break wind at one another, and smash settlements because they can.[1b]

The Sons of Behemat are no longer simple-minded behemoths easily outwitted by the smaller races, however. Following the death of Behemat, they formed near-unstoppable war parties that crush anything opposing them.[1a]

Gargantuan Tales

Gargant history is passed down as an oral history amongst the tribes' matriarchs. The goal of such stories is to learn ambition and be incited to acts of truly mythic violence, not to learn some type of wisdom or caution.[1c]

Following are an assemblage of common oral histories that form the historical perspective of the Sons of Behemat:

Grandfather of Gargants

Sigmar killing Ymnog.

Ymnog the First Titan had so great a temper that he once used his club to shatter reality itself into land, sea and sky.[1d]

Ymnog sated himself by eating the heavens' comets and washed them down with the First Ocean. He then laid down creating the chasms of the realms with his own weight. Sleeping with his mouth agape, his drool created the rivers and his snore the first thunder.[1d]

As Ymnog slept, the stones in his belly grew into Behemat and his gargant kin. Wanting to escape, Behemat brewed, in his father's guts, a potent moonshine so foul it made Ymnog retch up the gargants into his mouth. Even with salvation within their grasp, two of the gargants, Gorg and Ama-Gorag, began fighting one another over a jar of vomit upon Ymnog's tongue in order to quench their thirst. Accordingly, they were both swallowed back down forever.[1d]

Only Behemat escaped alive by hammering the fangs of Ymnog, whose's splinters became the first mountains.[1d]

Behemat's Feats

Behemat's Feats.

Under the influence of Tzeentch and Khorne, Gorkamorka began to resent the fact that Behemat, his champion, roamed free whilst he hunted at the behest of Sigmar.[1c][3a]

From that point on, Gorkamorka issued Behemat a challenge he could not refuse each time they met. He was to replicate the twin-headed god's feats or die in the attempt.[1c]

The Great Watering

The first task was to destroy a city by causing a great flood.[1c]

  • Gorkamorka had once flooded Omnitopia by drinking so much of the Gleaming Bay that the ocean lowered its sea level. The inhabitants of Omnitopia were flooded when the ocean was certain Gorkamorka was gone and surged back up.[1c]
  • Behemat accidentally flooded the aelven city of Araxia by bellyflopping in the nearby Girdlesea after having tripped over a fjord's wrinkly bits. The ensuing tsunami that flooded the aelves pushed some of them to make their homes under the sea to avoid similar catastrophes.[1c]

The Shortening of the Duardin

Another task was to stop the supervolcano Vulcatrix’s Lair from birthing gigadroths.[1c]

  • Behemat wrenched the top half of Mount Krolosid from its roots and shoved its peak upside down roughly into the crater of the supervolcano. A nation of Fyreslayers rose up against Behemat, but he stomped them flat. The mountain duardin have been born short and squat ever since.[1c]

To Endure Dracothion

Another task was to endure a barrage from Dracothion.

  • Gorkamorka had once knocked Dracothion unconscious. Ever spiteful, the Great Drake spat a rain of meteors at a then sleeping Gorkamorka. The Greenskin God's skin was so tough that the meteors only left pockmarks and scabs across his body.[1c]
  • Behemat stood atop Azyr's highest mountain and insulted Dracothion until it spat a rain of meteors at him. After taking some meteors to the chin, Behemat's pain was so great that he hit the last one with his warclub, sending it crashing back unto the Great Drake. Such was the impact that its scales fell down in a silvery meteor shower, upon making landfall these scales formed the Seraphon so they could bite gargants forevermore.[1c]


Taking a new approach, Gorkamorka challenged Behemat to a great eating competition in Ghur.[1c]

  • The contest started by Gorkamorka eating every monster, rotten or not, that he had previously slain.[1c]
  • Initially eating fewer monsters than Gorkamorka, Behemat plunged through the Greedmouth Realmgate to Shyish and won the competition by eating the gheists of the monsters that Gorkamorka ate. Not satiated for long, the World Titan ate his way through a nation of menfolk, causing the dead men of Shyish to have no meat on their bones.[1c]

To Brawl the God-King

The final task of Behemat was to fight Sigmar to a standstill, something that Ymnog previously failed.[1d]

During the Great Storm of Verdia, Behemat armoured himself with the slab-like sides of the Nevergreen Peaks and challenged Sigmar so loudly that the forests shivered in fear. So scared were the trees that they now shiver whenever a storm gathers.[1d]

Only when Behemat began stomping Sigmar's people did the God-King engaged the World Titan. So bloody became the combatants that their blood formed the waterfalls of the mountains. Ultimately, Behemat was stuck on the chin with Ghal Maraz. While such a blow could shatter mountains, the World Titan was so though that he was not even killed. Stunned and reeling, Behemat stumbled away until he reached the Harmonis Veldt.[1d]

Still dazed, he ate much of the local fauna before vomiting up an entire generation of gargants. This was his last great feat of propagation before finally allowing himself to collapse, landing so hard that he became embedded in Ghyran’s crust.[1d]

Stomps and Tribes

Gatherings of gargants are nothing short of terrible catastrophes to the civilised races of the Mortal Realms. The Sons of Behemat struggle with complex words such as ‘cat-as-trophe’ and get stuck after the first two syllables. Instead, they simply call their gathering stomps.[1e]

These stomps are like primordial gods walking out from the mists of time capable of causing more damage daily than an entire army does over a months-long campaign. Each one is comprised of gargants knowing each other enough, or hailing from the same family, to prevent infighting.[1e]


Hierarchy of a stomp.

Stomps normally have no more than a couple of dozen members. A loose hierarchy or ‘stomping order’ defines each grouping, and these are based around the shape of a gargant's foot.[1e]

Stomps take specific names based upon the type of their leader:

Stomps have three echelons:

Big Heel

The largest or fiercest gargant in a stomp is referred to as the Big Heel. Usually a Mega-Gargant, the Big Heel is the ultimate authority in the stomp and those under their rule often adopt his culture and tactics.[1e]

Under the Heel

The other Mega-Gargants of the stomps are said to be Under the Heel. Usually having lost a fight with their Big Heel, they go along with them until they show weakness or are badly injured. On such an occasion leadership challenges take place.[1e]

These massive brutes form the main bulk of the stomps.[1e]


Inside a stomp, Mancrusher Gargants are known as the Footsloggas. Frenquently considered expendable by the Big Heel, the Footsloggas emulate their Big Heel in their fighting style.[1e]

A gargant brawl.


Feet carry much symbolic importance amongst gargants, because these are the parts of their anatomy with which they interact with the realms most frequently. This is especially the case as gargants love crushing things underfoot and generally reveling their immense size and unstoppable brawn, although they prefer to avoid fighting the forces of Chaos, whose warriors often wear spiky armour. Trampling on such armies is akin to a human jumping up and down on a bed of nails. Since the feet-maiming devastation of the Sole Wars some gargants have taken to wearing crude footwear made from the skin of giant sea serpents or other extremely tough creatures to avoid such injuries.[1e]

Punching is reserved for occasions when something tall must be knocked down. Disputes and leadership challenges are traditionally settled by a bare-knuckle brawl or a wrestling match. Bending down to punch smaller foes with their bare hands is effective, but it causes terrible back pains.[1e]



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