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A Kraken-eater Mega-Gargant.

Kraken-eaters are the oldest and gnarliest of all Mega-Gargants. These giant lords feed on sea monsters on can take on the most dangerous foes without hesitation. Above all, the prize material possessions, seeking to smash entire armies apart in order to seize new trophies for their lairs.[1a]


The Kraken-eaters are amongst those rare individuals of the Sons of Behemat that are long in tooth, weather-beaten, and even in certain rare cases possessing genuine intelligence. In their youth, they've experienced plenty enough battles, and haven eaten their fill of men, duardin, aelves, orruks they now seek solitude and the abundant harvest of the sea. To them it is sufficient enough to simply sit alone on an outcrop and watch the dawn sun rise or take the weight off their aching joints by submerging themselves in deep water and prowling the coastline.[1a]


Kraken-eaters know their terriroty like the back of their hands. They generally make their lairs in remote sea caves and abandoned coves known only to the most intrepid sailors. Not only does this isolation given them a chance to escape the scourge of Chaos, it also affords them an excellent point from which ambush. More than one galleon's crew, while sailing in uncharted waters, has mistaken the balding pate of a submerged Kraken-eater for a the carapace of a greater shellback or gelatinous tentacloid drifting towards them. Only when the Kraken-eater stands to its full height with waterfalls of brine cascading from his torso and his shupwrecka club raised high, does their folly become clear. The Kraken-eater will then soon after leave the vessel in shattered flinders as he grabs with his calloused fingers any sailors trying to swim away.[1a]

All kinds of Mega-Gargants are territorial, though the more active ones see those who stray into their domain as welcome sources of food that has saved them the trouble of a hunt. However, Kraken-eaters tend to begrudge the presence of those who disturb their long, slow thoughts. Some see Chaos invaders as a hearth-holder sees an infestation of burrowbeasts or iron-eater termites, knowing that if left alone they would multiply one day and pose a serious threat. Others are simply protective of the trophies they've amassed over their years of carnage, and will attack on sight. The sea caves and pillar-cliffs that these Kraken-eaters make their lairs are littered with treasures taken from shipwrecks and ransacked coastal settlements. Amongst these trophies are figureheads, crow's nests, the spiraling tusks of sea beasts, chests of jewels, and cannons stacked high. Together, they form an untidy stash that might look like a mass of broken bric-a-brac to a causal onlooker, but is of great value to the Kraken-eater himself.[1a]


It is not merely sailors that consistute the food sources of a Kraken-eater. As they wade or swim miles from the shore, Kaken-eaters will help themselves to copious sources of sustenance provided by the ocean. This ranges from delicious pelagic sealife such as swordfish and sawtooth rays, all the way up to mirror-whales and even massive sea serpents that slide through the inky depths. They will sometimes seize their prey with their bare hands, snatching bone-armoured blacksharks from underwater currents in a manner similar to a trout-fisher might hoist a prize catch from a stream. Even if the beast thrashes, the Kraken-eater will sink his rotten teeth straight into its spine, ensuring it cannot fight back.[1a]

However, it is the biggest prey of all which lends Kraken-eaters their high status amongst gargant society - the kraken of the black ocean depths. Though few have witnessed the sight of a Mega-Gargant wrestling such a beast, it is a known fact that struggles of titanic proportions take place between gargant and krakens take place in the deeps. Many bloated and mountainous corpses of krakens have been found washed up on beaches with massive gargant bites all over its hide. Some grizzled Kraken-eaters go a step further and flay the leathery hide from these hideous creatures, wearing it as a cloak in stormy weather or fashioning protective footwear that allows them to walk across the sharp rocks of the coastline without lacerating the soles of their feet. The added bonus to such footwear is that it allows them to stomp up and down a phalanx of aelven spearmen or a host of Chaos Warriors without injury, for a gargant hopping around holding a wounded foot risks toppling over entirely.[1a]


The oldest of Kraken-eaters have learned that magic is a powerful thing, as it cannot always be dealt with using a thirty-foot long warclub. They may go as far as to hoard magic items and artefacts or tying enscrolled blades to their waists and wearing arcane objects as ornaments, just as a peasant may wear a silvered crow's foot to ward of gheists without knowing how or why. In some cases, these Kraken-eaters may have some manner of magical protection as a result, or even trigger a sorcerous power that enables them to make passable attempts at using magic. Though the Mega-Gargant is just as likely to harm himself with these magical spells as his enemies, the novelty of such dabblings in the arcane, and the fact that even a magical explosions is unlikely to greatly harm an elder Mega-Gargant, means that they will keep trying. They May even perhaps come to understand how to use these strange weapons they plunder from the treasures of their victims.[1a]




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