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Hradoth is a Mega-Gargant who has formed an unlikely firendship with the Grot Yaggle. [1a]


He grew up with his elder gargant Auntie and her three sons - Baldoth, Junior and One-Eye. Although Auntie found exciting and satisfying meals - villages and castles full of people, Hradoth always had to eat after his smaller cousins until one day he punched Baldoth and went first. Auntie banished his from her family and territory near Mosshorn and Hradoth was forced to fend for himself. [1a]

Whilst raiding a small human farm, he stuffed a grot in his bag for later and was suprised when pulling him and a few cows out for a snack, the grot proclaimed himself as the avatar of Behemat! Although initially suspicious, Hradoth went along with the tale and was led to the hideout of the Pitskulker tribe which he smashed and devoured with relish. [1a]

Hradoth confided in him that he had himself been thrown out of his small family tribe and together they sought vengeance and after distracting said Auntie, killed her three sons, the mega-gargant's cousins. Despite this triumph, Yaggle decided to leave his now slumbering new friend but ran into a tribe of Spiderfang grots looking for the mega-gargant, hoping to kill him before they suffered the same fate as the Pitskulker Skrap. [1a]

Yaggle then discovered that Wazzit had survived and sought refuge with the same tribe and he was forced to flee back to the sleeping gargant who ate the grots, Giant Spiders and Arachnarok Spiders. [1a]

They now travel together, looking for a good meal.[1a]


Let's get started, then. I'm ready for afters.

~ Hradoth to Yaggle.[1a]


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