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A Gatebreaker Mega-Gargant.

Gatebreakers are the cruellest of all the Mega-Gargants. These merciless walking siege engines live to destroy cities and buildings of all sort.[1a]


The urban-minded Gatebreakers take trophies from the cities they take so much pleasure in destroying. Temple bells, prized standards, tavern signs and gravestones are fastened to them as proof of their prowess. Many imitate city executioners by wearing hoods made of dark leather. Rune-carved door or enchanted portcullis are sometimes worn as a groin-plate, what once protected a city's most valuable area, now protects that of its conqueror.[1a]


Three things drive the Gatebreakers to assault settlements: eating, showing their superiority to the land settlers and satisfying a deep grudge that they hold against civilisation. These Mega-Gargants know on some deep ancestral level that the forces of civilisation killed their ancestors, Behemat and Ymnog.[1a]


In battle, Gatebreakers tend to wield the masonry and fallen statuary of previously destroyed locales. Those materials tend to be far heavier and more durable than the tree clubs used by other gargants. Those structures are often lashed to a heavy chain to form a devastating flail, named ‘fortcrushas’.[1a]




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