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Kruleboyz vs Stormcast 01.jpg
Kruleboyz fighting Stormcast Eternals in Ghur.
Grand alliance Destruction
Associated factions Orruk Warclans
Major characters Gobsprakk
Races Orruk
Mounts Corpse-rippa Vulcha
Great Gnashtoof
Mirebrute Troggoth
Sludgeraker Beast
Creatures Marshcrawla Sloggoth

Kruleboyz are a cunning, but brutal faction of orruks, who make their homes in the swamps and bogs of the realms.[1] Often described as "Morruks" for their kinship to Mork, they encourage "hard finkin" and pride themselves on tactical acts of cruelty. [2a]


Kruleboyz are slighter than other Orruks, with disproportionate limbs and a sinewy limbs and gnarled hands. However, despite this, an adult Kruleboyz can easily rip a mans arm from the socket although will fail to completely remove the arm. They secrete an oily residue, which may have originated from their diet of Bog Toads, Swamp Hoppers and Slobber Squigs; or may have evolved as a way of escaped dangerous swamp predators. Waaagh! energy affects them by increasing their ability to think of devious schemes and reflect on past errors. [2a] [3]

Some Kruleboyz are also semi-aquatic and are capable of holding their breath for hours while Shamans can enter a trance-like state that allows them to submerge underwater for days as they commune with Mork.[2b]


Kruleboyz society leans towards cunning than brutal side of Greenskin duality and the main method of advancing in social hierarchy is through acts of skullduggery. Kruleboyz believe brains are superior to brawn incontrast to the ideology of the Ironjawz resulting in a rivalry between the two Orruk cultures. [2a] Like other Orruks Kruleboyz are divided into Warclans each with unique names ,traditions and colours that even go down to the designs on their skareshields. Warclans are led by powerful Killabosses but would also have many shamanic advisers. These Swampcalla Shamans often posesses large amounts of power; due to their innate (but perverse) connection with the land. Below these leadership positions are a collection of tribes which are cross-clan subcultures specializing in a certain type of warfare and the larger and successful Warclans utilising multiple tribes in unison. [2c]

Badstabbaz are the most populous of the tribes, consisting of the rank and file of the Kruleboyz military. Gutrippas pride themselves on being more "orrukier" due to engaging the enemy in close combat, though many do covet better gear. It is from these ranks that Murknobs and Killabosses begin their rise to power. The direct line of power for these tribes runs from the Killaboss, through to the Swampcalla Shamans, then to Murknobs, with Gutrippaz being the lowest rung on the ladder. [2c]

Deffspikerz utilise ranged combat extensively and are known for skill in such mannners of war. Beast-Skewer Killbow crews have command over Man-Skewer Boltboyz. [2c]

Gitsnatchaz are known even among kruleboyz for their dark ingenuity. They procure captives for the warclan, and ensure they die useful deaths. They are also responsible for harnessing useful parts from corpses and distributing the them among the tribes of the Warclan ensuring that nothing goes to waste. Swampbosses have top pegging over Snatchaboss's, with Marshcrawla Sloggoths grot crews being the lowliest members of the group. [2c]

Beast-Breakaz are a rarer tribe, lead by Breakaboss's that captures beasts of the swamp and masters the art of keeping them docile until battle; at which point they utilise them as deadly beasts of war. [2c]

Auxilary forces of Kruleboyz primarily consist of Hobgrots, Grots, but may be extended to other useful groups and chattel. Hobgrot tribes fiercly defend each other, which stops Kruleboyz Orruks from bullying them in most cases. Furthermore, their advanced skill at bartering ensures their place in the heirarchy. Due to the Wars of Broken Promise the Chaos Duardin will only deal with Hobgrots and not Orruks; meaning that Hobgrots often taker better trade items for themsleves, such as bangstikks and slitta-knives. [2c]

The Kruleboyz tend to avoid being attached to their processions due to the short life of prized possessions amongst them as these goods are easily lost in the swamp and anything shiny that stands out will result in the owner being targeted by other Orruks and Grots who would attempt to steal it, usually by murdering the previous owner. Therefore they pride themselves on the ability to quickly craft weapons, and utilise looting extensively. [2b]

Diet amongst the Kruleboyz consists of bog toads, swamp hoppers, slobber squigs, cold crawfish, spine-ridged mug worms, alongside human flesh. [2a] [2b] These humans are often utilised as slave labour before being consumed. [2b] Captives are utilised to explore areas of potentially dangerous swamp; utilised as bait, or traded to Chaos Duardin by Hobgrots in exchange for metals. The life expectancy of a captive numbers days to weeks.[2c]


Kruleboyz prefer to settle in the swamps and bogs of the realms where the environment itself can be weaponised against enemies and provide both a large food supply and natural camouflage to the Orruks. Castles and Fortresses are constructed in the swamps; consisting of treetop structures and tunnel networks arranged to look like a natural part of the environment as they consider static fortifications that stand out to be almost criminal and they have no issue with abandoning the area and moving on if needed.[2b]


The most common military formation utilised is that of the Klaw; modelled after a hand. The thumb is a representation of strength and craft skills; this represents the boss or shaman. The fingers are then said to be "under da thumb". The first, the "jab finger" consists of the largiest and fightiest warriors. The "middul Finga" consists of raucus fighters who will insult and goad the enemy. "Trophy Finga" groups are for austentatious displays, often being the domain of Beast-Breakaz or Gtsnatchs. Finally, the "Light Finga" consists of sabatours and thieves, largely consisting of yoofs and hobgrots. [2c]

Kruleboyz utilise fear tactics on multiple foes; largely through the use of shields shaped like their faces dubbed skareshields. Gaining prestige and power in Kruleboyz society relies more on cunning than strength. Honour is regarded as foolish at best, and sacreligious at worst. Swampcalla Shamans encourage deceipt as an act of worship to Mork. These acts can range from smearing poison on weapons; to utilising diversions, even to burying artifacts to attract Dawnbringer Crusades. [2a]

Kruleboyz avoid fighting foes that are too powerful, thus they have developed two solutions to deal with powerful foes such as large Chaos Dreadholds and Cities of Sigmar. The first is "da waitin' game" in which they stay in seclusion ignoring the large target until it begins expanding such as the Dawnbringer Crusades launched by Free Cities to establish new settlements. They are extremely vulnerable during their travels and when they set up their buildings and defences. Kruleboyz would sneak up and ambush the exhausted inhabitants from all sides resulting in a short but brutal massacre. The other solution to deal well defended targets is to find a large and powerful entity that will destroy the enemy defences for them. They will act subservient and even worship such an entity so it could be guided towards enemy defences. When it destroys the outer defences Kruleboyz would flood the city and raze it. It is this tendency that led them to follow Kragnos as the End of Empires can easily break through enemy gates letting Kruleboyz reap the rewards.[2c]


Age of Sigmar

When Kragnos began his rampage, the Kruleboyz took to him like a moth to flame. Worshipping him as Destruction incarnate, the Kruleboyz are rising up all across the realms to join their kinfolk.[1]

Notable Warclans


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