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Mancrusher Gargant, or alternatively an Aleguzzler Gargant.[1a]

Mancrusher Gargants are the the Sons of Behemat are the smaller kin of the Mega-Gargants with whom they have found a purpose. These gargants can often be found following in the footsteps of their larger kin, acting as devotees and seeking the larger fights their leader will offer.[1a]


It is believed that the gargants of the Mortal Realms are generally indolent and short-sighted, thinking no further than their next meal unless something angers them enough to drive them into a killing spree. Those gargants known to wash down their meals of livestock and peasant with barrels of ale or perhaps honeymead are known as Aleguzzlers. A hungover gargant is known to be one of the most dangerous and fearsome creatures in the realm, but they will usually prefer to spend the following day in a dank cave away from the light of Hysh.[1]

Even the most solitary of gargants will gather supplies and follow in the rhythmic, thunderous footsteps of a Mega-Gargant on the march. This is done quite literally as gargants are very easy creatures to track, with even a hungover Aleguzzler Gargant being capable of following the deep impressions left behind, knowing they will lead to the greatest fights of their lives. Though it may take weeks to catch up with, the smaller gargants will have no trouble catching up to a Mega-Gargant who require more sleep, especially following a day of knocking over city walls and wrecking galleons.[1]

After what may be weeks of trekking through gale, blizzards, or pelting rain, an Aleguzzler is sure to eventually stumble upon their larger kin sleeping after a hunt. There, nearby, they make camp and try to ensure the Mega-Gargant does not wake prematurely, which could result in the lesser gargant being killed just to teach it a lesson. Should an Aleguzzler succeed in making common cause with a Mega-Gargant, it will be given a new sense of purpose. Loping along after their monstrous leader, they will laugth at its crude jokes, pitch in to attack targets deemed too annoying, and will largely cease drinking, as its leader will drink the lion's share of captured liquor.[1]

After enough time, the Aleguzzler will remain sober due to their master's drinking all the liquor, they will increase in strength from the fighting, and their minds will be clear with a new sense of purpose. Such smaller gargants with this sense of purpose are known to the civilised races as Mancrusher Gargants, which are far more dangerous than their former unruly, Aleguzzler selves.[1]


Wherever gargants gather in tribes, they will seek out those Mega-Gargants that pass near their territory. These Mega-Gargants are usually more than happy to have a devoted gathering fight alongside them, especially to fuel their own delusions of godhood and claims to the title of the next Behemat. Even Kraken-eaters are known to allow a group Mancrushers tag along when they go on a rampage. Being nomads, the Mancrushers are content to exist in the shadow of their larger brethren and will fight harder to impress them.[1]


A tribe of Mancrusher Gargants will bring deadly focus to the battlefield, rather than the usual gargant habit of simply stumbling around and tripping over like a bunch of drunken farmhands chasing decapitated chickens. Attacking in groups, they hold off enemy counter-assaults whilst their leader takes down anything bigger than they are. In the presence of one or more Mega-Gargants, a group of Mancrushers will have the oppurtunity to wreck a city or slaying legendary monsters rather than simply wrecking a tavern or chasing a herd of oxen. Over time, more and more will gather around Mega-Gargants, as if they are living totems, until the realms themselves shake under their footfalls and their bellowing charges crush the armies brave enough to challenge them.[1]



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