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Deity Vulcatrix.jpg
Titles Ur-Salamander
Mother of Salamanders
Type Godbeast
Status Deceased
Relatives Magmadroths(Children)[8]
Ignimbris(First Child of Vulcatrix)[7a]
Affiliation None

Vulcatrix, also known as the Mother of Salamanders and the Ur-Salamander, is a Zodiacal monster and the fire wyrm that first birthed flame into the worlds and once terrorized the Hills of Aqshy.[1][2]


Sigmar named Vulcatrix as a foe for Grimnir to repay his debt. Even trough the fire wyrm towered over the duardin warrior god and the very air shimmered and crackled, Grimnir was undaunted and charged. The resulting clash would flatten the Hills of Aqshy, turning them into the Plains of Aqshy. Vulcatrix raked him for many times, but got sliced three times through her molten scales as magma spilled from her wounds and the Earthwound Archipelago was formed by one of the great strikes of the Duardin god, cleaving through the beast and deep into the continent itself.[3]

The battle ended when both combatants smashed headlong into each other and shattering into shards. These shards were hurled through the void as a rain of blazing meteors and wherever the hot coals of Vulcatrix fell a new volcano hatched, like the Vostargi Mont. The end of the battle causes their spirits to coalesce, creating and scattering Ur-Gold across the lands and cleansing the realm of the foul sulphurous dusts that had made them barren.[1][6]


The Zharrgrim Priesthood has an ancestral bond with Vulcatrix.[6]



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