Bonegrinder Mega-Gargant

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Bonegrinder Gargant miniature.

Bonegrinder Mega-Gargants are Sons of Behemat Gargants, whose coming is heralded by earth-shaking steps and a deafening roar. Each of them thinks that it will be the next Behemat and will kill and stomp anyone that stands in their way.[1]


Bonegrinders have massive feet that they use to stomp on smaller foes, but they can also pick their enemies and shove them into their cavernous mouth for a light snack. Like the other Sons they are very difficult to kill, suffering wounds where on others they would suffer fatal blows. The very presence of a Bonegrinder strikes fear in their foes from sheer size. This size also means that they can move over obstacles and foes and that when they die they are likely to take out anybody on the path of their fall.[1]


They can attack their foes with Gargantuan Clubs or by hurling boulders.[1]



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