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The Volc-giants were fiery, continent-sized beings that once ruled over the Realm of Fire, until they were slain by Sigmar, and his Pantheon, freeing the realm from their tyranny.[1a][2a]


Age of Myth

When these monstrous titans ruled the Realm of Aqshy they made war upon each other constantly, their pitiless minds regarding other peoples as little more than chattel and insects, in those times the mortals of the realm lived brief and dread-filled lives. Eventually, Sigmar, with aid from allies such as Nagash, made war upon the Volc-giants, slaying them to the last to free Aqshy from their tyranny.[2a][3a]

Age of Sigmar

Remnants of the Volc-giants can still be found in the Bright Realm, such as their broken skulls which litter the deep deserts of the Flamescar Plateau.[2a] The fingerbone of a volc-giant, which had to be doused in seawater every half hour, was sold at an auction hosted by Fleetmaster Farix Sweetedge.[2a][4a]


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