Aelf of the Hollows

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Aelf of the Hollow
Grand alliance Order
Type Mortal

Aelves of the Hollow are a kindred of Aelves that reside in the sheltered valleys found around the Beastgrave mountain.[1a]


Though most Aelves of the Hollows largely resemble other kindreds of Aelves, some possess what is known as Wild Blood. Those who have Wild Blood have horns sprouting from their heads and hooves where other Aelves would have feet.



The Aelves of the Hollows reside in a collection of sheltered valleys found on the continent of Rondhol, all nestled near Beastgrave, known collectively as the hollows. The communities they build within these hollows are known as holdfasts. Each holdfast looks towards its elders for leadership. The hollows as a whole rely on the Wardens-in-the-Wild for guidance, protection, and leadership. In times of crisis, a hollow's elders will often turn to the Greatwarden, who leads the Wardens, to take command.[1a]


The Aelves of the Hollows will occasionally trade the horns and iridescent crest-feathers of stagwyrms to the Free Cities of the south, typically scavenged from wyrm corpses that end up in the creeks of the hollows.[1a]


There are some among the Aelves of the Hollows that worship the Beastgrave as a deity which they call, among other things, the Allpeak and the Heigh-of-Heights.[1a]



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