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The Junkar are a subrace of Orruks that were favoured by both Gork and Mork who grew to immense size. In the Age of Myth they sought to make war upon one another but were stopped by Sigmar, who created the Heldenline between them.[1a]


The Junkar, or perhaps just their lords, have swelled to the size of mountains, the smallest of their number being a mile tall. They have become craggy, mountainous creatures, so much so they were mistaken for true mountains by many, and glacially slow. But so immense are they that even should their strike miss, the air rushing in to fill the space their arms, fists, and other appendages once were can send even a Knight-Azyros spinning out of control.[1]


They are divided into two by the Heldenline, on one side are those sworn to Gork and on the other are those sworn to Mork. Which is which has become forgotten in the records and legends of outsiders. Even in the Age of Sigmar, centuries after having last seen him, they fear and respect the might of Sigmar.[1]


Age of Myth

In the Age of Myth the Junkar glutted themselves on war, growing large in body and in the esteem of Gork and Mork, eventually growing so large it became arduous for them even to move. Nonetheless, they eventually divided into two, those for Mork and those for Gork, and against the wishes of their gods began to fight one another. It was Sigmar Heldenhammer, in the closing days of the age, who ended the conflict by besting both sides, creating the then neutral ground known as the Heldenline between them. It is said that Sigmar was so badly beaten from the battle that his people barely recognized him on his return.[1]

Age of Sigmar

The Junkar remained quiet for centuries until the Realmgate Wars when the Bullhearts of the Hallowed Knights and Astral Templars led by Vandalus sought to use the Heldenline to pass into the Sea of Bones. Initially the Stormcast Eternals mistook the mountainous Junkar for true mountains, the legends and treatises on the creatures having misinformed them, when in truth the misshapen rocks were the Orruks themselves. Having remained dormant all these centuries waiting for their gods to command them.[1]

When undead forces raised by Mannfred von Carstein beset the Eternals, together Ramus of the Shadowed Soul and Vandalus, for combined their commands echoed those of Mork and Gork, Sigmar the God-King and Sigmar the Barbarian-King, were able to convince the Lords of the Junkar to aid them. If only briefly.[1]

After being awoken by the Stormcast Eternals the Junkar continued their tectonic wars.[2]


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