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Grand alliance Destruction
Associated factions Fimirach
Origins World-that-was
Environments Dank lairs
Type Mortal

The Fimir are a mist-dwelling race known to have a stronghold in the marshy, crescent-shaped isle known as the Peel in the Realm of Ghyran.[1]


Fimir are hulking, reptilian creatures with a hunchback and a cyclopean eye. Their tails are muscular containing one natural bone club at it's end.[3]


Fimirs hatch.[2b]


Fimir above all despise the light and cast sorcerous mists that allows them to leave their dank lairs as well as hide from their enemies' sight. Whenever they are wounded their unnatural flesh writhes and twists, closing the wound mere moments after their inflicted.[2a][2b]

They posses prodigious strength and tenacity and should the need arise any Fimir can use it's Club Tail as a devastating bone-breaking weapon.[2a][2b][3]

Their weapons are imbued with Baleglyphs, etched into it by a Balefiend's vile magic, that inflicts withering atrophy to anything it strikes.[2a][2b]


Warriors are armoured with plates of spell-forged bronze and armed with Baleglyph weapons, usually double-handed mauls or a pair of maces and curving hatchets.[3]

Fimirach Nobles are their leaders being even more ferocious fighters than who they lead and trained in warfare and how to direct it's warriors to exploit the weakness of their foes. They are chosen, for their tougher hide, stouter build and cunning intellect, and raised to become leaders and deadly killing machines since the moment they hatch to serve the Matriarch of the stronghold[4][2b]



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