Bile Troggoth

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Three miniatures of Bile Troggoths.

Bile Troggoths are Troggoths, the most vile and deformed of their kind, that serve the Tamurkhan's Horde. Their corrupted bodies are in an eternal struggle between their regenerative metabolism and the most potent gifts of Nurgle. They are suffering a twisted and hellish existence, a life of agony where their rotting flesh is constantly healing.[1][2]


These Troggoths were created in ancient days when they consumed the rancid corpses of a Nurgle-worshipping horde and became tainted by them.[2]


They are armed with Rusted Axes and Cleavers and their very touch is a lethal poison.[1]

The gastric stew stewing in their stomachs is full of plague-filth and meat-maggots which they can vomit to dissolve both metal and flesh into a fused mass in seconds. It's these creatures deadliest weapons, an infected vomit stronger and more vile than that of their fellow Troggoths.[1]


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