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Sir Festerbite was a Knight in the Order of the Fly, second in command of the pox-crusade into the Realm of Shyish led by Blightmaser Ocander Wolgus[1a]

He was killed by the Prince of Crows who was defending Tamra ven-Drak.[1f]

The flesh had long since rotted away on his lower jaw and a thicket of yellow, glistening fangs had sprouted at random points from his jawbone and he rode a loyal horse-thing called Scab.[1a]

Before the Crusade into Shyish, the Lady of Cankerwall spoke to Wolgus about the mighty deeds he might yet perform, in the name of the King of All Flies. [1a]


Come, let us bring the warmth of the garden to these cold souls. Don’t kill all of them – take those who surrender, We’re not beasts, after all.

~ Sir Festerbite to Molov.[1]


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