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Carkus Gryme is a Rotbringer and the heir to the duchy of Festerfane, one of the Blighted Duchies of the Realm of Ghyran. [1]

He is accompanied by Blisterback, the old Pestigor squire of his father. [1]


He has black teeth, wears rusty plate armour, its helm displaying a crouching toad-dragon and whose filthy tabard bears the symbol of the Order. Carkus bears a sword that was ancient when the Blighted Duchies were still young. [1]


He is a descendant of Gaspax Gahool, cousin to Goral and Gatrog. [1]


When his father died, he had not yet become a knight and so was not able to inherit the duchy. Instead a tourney was held to find a new duke, which he demanded to enter and was granted permission by the Lady of Cankerwall herself. [1]

When she was abducted by Ompallious Zeyros, he pledged to save her and pursued the Stalking Keep from Festerfane to the depths of the Bullawood.[1]


My lady. I will save you, though I must brave the crystal labyrinths of the Great Foe himself. Though I must wade through seas of blood and traverse glades of silk, your truest knight shall bring you home to the garden once more

~ Carkus Gryme.[1]


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