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Sargo Wale was a powerful merchant of the city of Demesnus in the Realm of Ghyran but secretly a servant of Nurgle.[1]


A short, thin man with thinning silver hair, dressed in a heavy coat of dark leather, lined with eiderdown, and a shapeless hat of otter fur. A brooch of silver, decorated with a spray of feathers, was pinned to the side of the hat. He often leans on his cane of dark wood, itself carved with shapes reminiscent of the harvest and has a short sword sheathed on one narrow hip. [1]


He attempted to claim a nascent daemon in the ruins of the Grand Hospice of Demesnus but was defeated and killed by Gardus Steel Soul. [1]


You think me a liar, sir? Why, I’m no scion of the bulrushes, come from money and privilege. I came here from Aqshy, without a single coin to my name. But I knew how to work the soil. These hands were worn bloody on handle of plough and haft of scythe, my friend. I bargained with treekin and waged war on beasts, to carve out my first fields. And I paid well, and was paid, for the privilege of feeding this growing city. I’m a man of the soil, me. I take what it offers, and give back, when I can. Nothing more.

~Sargo Wale to Gardus Steel Soul. [1]


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