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Bolathrax is Great Unclean One that rules over seven Plague Legions, with the seventh being commanded by Bolathrax himself.[1]


Like all such creatures, Bolathrax is an imposing sight with vast rippling folds of fat from which swollen inflamed organs emerge. At his joints huge jewel like pustules flower whilst his head is little more than a malformed lump from which a pair of stinking bone antlers rise. In battle he wears rusty chain-mail and uses a fifth encrusted flail of vast proportions.[2]


Age of Chaos

Bolathrax joins Rotigus and the Glottkin in leading a devastating, well-planned invasions of the Realm of Ghyran. Many of Bolathrax's efforts are dedicated to spreading the blisterpox.[4a]

Age of Sigmar

After the Ghyrtribe fell at the Gates of Dawn, Bolathrax himself came out of the gate to summon his plague legions and Skaven Pestilens to destroy the Stormcast Eternals. He also summoned his Rotguard - seven Great Unclean Ones to devastate the Stormcast Eternals.[2]

As the battle looked lost, Lord-Celestant Gardus determined that he must destroy the Realmgate but to do so was to confront the Greater Daemon directly. After taking several strikes from the hammer of the Stormcast to no effect, he slipped past him into the gate and the garden beyond. Startled, Bolathrax followed the Lord-Celestant back into the gate, unwittingly destroying the portal with his engorged body.[1][2]

Once they were both in the Garden of Nurgle he continued to pursue Gardus in a good natured way, watched by many of the inhabitants, including at one point Nurgle himself! He allowed no other to attack him but was frustrated in his chase, when Gardus escaped through a Realmgate with the intervention of Alarielle.[2]

They fought again in Athelwyrd, the Hidden Vale and there Bolathrax was almost able to consume Gardus, but at the last moment the Stormcast was killed by one of his own to prevent that dire fate. The Great Unclean One then challenged Alarielle herself, taunting her that her hidden realm would soon be drowned in his gods pestilential rain, in response she caged him in thorns and contracting them, tore him apart, banishing him and many other daemons back to the garden.[3]


Yes I know who you serve. I recognise that sign, on your armour. And I do not fear him, pustule. I withstood his wrath before, and I will withstand it now. I have outlived many gods. Bolathrax was there at the Battle of Black Skies, when the Great Necromancer fell. Bolathrax corrupted the Skyoak and broke the champions of mankind in the Allpoints War. And it was Bolathrax who cracked the City of Branches and made Alarielle weep tears of jade.

~ Bolathrax to Gardus.[2]


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