Pupa Grotesse

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Pupa Grotesse is a Great Unclean One that corrupted the River Vitalis by bathing in it.[1][2a]


Age of Sigmar

At the start of the Realmgate Wars, Pupa could be found bathing with his fellow frolicking Daemons of Nurgle in the waters of River Vitalis, corrupting it with his filth and turning it into the Gelid Gush. The Hallowed Knights under Lord-Celestant Gardus, sent to find Alarielle, directed the floating isle of Talbion to travel closer to the Great Unclean One, only to be brought down by the corrupting pus of the World Pimples squeezed by Ghurk Glott. The isle plunged into the Gelid Rush and sent Pupa into rage at having his bath disturbed.[2a][2b]

Gardus and Morbus headed towards the monster, Gardus protecting the Lord-Relictor that sent lighting from his reliquary to blast Pupa. Pupa answered with a spell that turned a dozen Protectors into boiling mush and plucked Morbus to eat him whole. But Gardus run up a stump of rotten driftwood and shouted the Daemon's true name, spoken by Bolathrax as he pursued the Lord-Celestant through the Garden of Nurgle. Morbus then chanted and summoned a bolt of sacred lighting into the daemon, and with a deafening bang he exploded like a sack of rotting offal left too long in the sun. As soon as the Great Unclean One was gone the curse was lifted and the River Vitalis recovered it's purity, eating like acid the daemon hordes as it invigorated the Stormhosts. Before the night was out the Hallowed Knights had slaughtered the entirety of Pupa's daemon host.[2b]


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