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The Lady of Cankerwall is the Bearer of the Flyblown Chalice, a Seer to the Order of the Fly and who first converted the Blighted Duchies to the worship of Nurgle[1] She has been referred to as both a Daemon and a Mortal by different entities.[1][2][3]


She is said to be older even than the Jade Kingdoms and came upon the first of those who would become her blightmasters in the Age of Myth drawing brave knights to her from across the kingdoms and anointed them in Nurgle’s name convincing them of sweet chivalry of despair.[2a]

One of the most prominent groupings of these knights is the Order of the Fly who consider her will was as that of Nurgle himself, fighting as much in her name as the Lord of Flies. From her stronghold, she orchestrates the sevenfold forces of the Order, sending them where Nurgle decreed: to raze this forest, or build this citadel; to crush these foes, or conquer this demesne. [2a]


She dresses as a noblewoman of one of the Jade kingdoms in a rotting gown and a filth-encrusted veil, her hair a lank coil down her back. At her belt hangs is a corroded challice with boils and maggots in place of gems and she stinks of sour water, cool moss, wet shadows and fetid rock. Yet underneath that is a hot and burning odour.[1]


Seven days from never, we dance always and do not fall. History dreams of us, my knight. We are its shadow and soil, all in one. We carry his blessings on our skin, wherever we go. We shimmer with the light of black stars, so that those who know the way might dance in our wake. The burning in your blood will set you free.

~ The Lady of Cankerwall to Lorrus Grymm.[1]


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