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Urslaug is a immortal sorceress in the service of Nurgle[1]


Hunched but still somewhat feminine, Urslaug has neglected her appearance for long centuries with a deceptively frail looking body and long lank hair. Through the encrusted grime, faded tatoos can be glimpsed and she hides her single eye, a pus filled globe of daemonic putrescence, beneath a foul blindfold. She is often accompanied by adoring Nurglings.[1]


She once served aboard the Lurska, the kraken-flagship of Gutrot Spume but tiring of the pirate life retired to the Garden of Nurgle where she continued her studies and tends the foul crops. Occasionally Gutrot would contact her using minor magics she had taught him, often to her annoyance.[1]

Gutrot enlisted her aid in extracting from his captive Bubonicus who had used the maggot curse to enter the body of Lorrus Grymn, she attempted to betray the pirate lord and was beheaded and nailed to his mast for her actions. She was later thrown into the swamp outside the gates of the Inevitable Citadel vowing vengeance.[1]


A powerful witch who can conjure pox-winds, she has daemonic contacts such as Gulax, a filthblade of the Rotguard and Rancik, a Verminlord, as well as other Rotbringers. [1]


Cut off my head? There is no death here, reaver, and I long ago lost the ability to feel pain. Throw my body in the river, if you like. Hack my skull into pieces. You do not frighten me.'

~ Urslaug to Gutrot.[1]


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