Dolorous Gurm

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Dolorous Gurm the Garden-master is a Herald of Nurgle.


A bloat-bellied, lanky-limbed child of the King of All Flies whose grey-green skin writhes with maggots and rot-fly eggs whilst his mighty antlers are fuzzy with a vivid crimson mould. He is armoured with a battered breastplate over his sunken chest, a stylised fly painted on it and bears a balesword into battle. By choice he travelled in his palanquin chair crafted from the tormented and still-living bodies of four Dreadmere sylvaneth. The tree-kin were bound together by sutures of pus-coloured sap forcing their withered limbs to grow into one another whilst a branch-wreathed head jutted from each corner, each one twisted in agony. Their thick legs held the palanquin aloft with glistening tendrils sporting poisonous thorns thrashed around them. It was destroyed by the Mortarch Arkhan who released the spirits of the Sylvaneth.[1a]


He uprooted the restless dead of the Verdant Necropoli in the Realm of Ghyran and made a bonfire of their bones and enslaved the Dreadmere sylvaneth of that realm. He infected the deadwalkers of the great forest of Fangnettle in the Realm of Ghur and forced them to carry plagues into the camps of the living. [1b]

Gurm was a powerful patron of the Order of the Fly fighting beside its knights on a thousand battlefields. [1a]

He entered the Realm of Shyish through the Ithilian Gate seeking to destroy the last remnants of Nagash and hence gain great favour with his god, having sought advice from the Lady of Cankerwall. [1a] There he fought Arkhan the Black and was slain by his master Nagash.[1b]


The scum rises to the top. And if we wish to be that scum, we must press forwards without delay. We must drive forwards, until the trees end and our prey find themselves caught between us and the sea

~Dolorous Gurm.[1a]


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