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The Dark Tongue is a language spoken by the mortal followers and daemons of Chaos. The language first came to the Mortal Realms through the machinations of Tzeentch and his daemons.[3a] Some champions and warlords of Chaos scream oaths of fealty to the Dark Gods using this language.[1a][2a]


Age of Myth

The Dark Tongue of Chaos first enters in to the Mortal Realms in the Age of Myth, as Sigmar's first civilizations start to rise. Overworked scribes across the Realms unknowingly hear the whispers of Tzeentch's daemons, it is through these whispers that words of the profane tongue find their way into esoteric grimoires. These tomes in turn whisper in at night, planting the notion of forging pacts with entities of Chaos in the minds of ambitious mortals.[3a]

Scholarly brotherhoods in the Realm of Hysh turn to researching obscure languages, the Dark Tongue proves especially popular and it is spoken for the simple thrill of it. The fact that those that speak the tongue begin bleeding from their mouths, only heightens the allure of the language among these eccentric scholars.[3a]

In the Nasroan Catacombs, one of these cabals attempt to unlock hidden power by chanting this tongue in secret. Their experiment thins the veil between realities and the will of Tzeentch infects each of them. In silence the infected scholars each head to a different nation, to spread unclean truths to hundreds of nations across the Realms.[3a]


The runes of this vile tongue are etched into the armour of Chaos Warriors, the runes serve to bolster the wearer's stamina in battle and ward off blows from enemy combatants.[4a] The Chaos Furies of the Allpoints speak a garbled form of the Dark Tongue.[2a] Spells such as Spite-Tongue Curse are spoken in the Dark Tongue and can be used to invoke the power of the Dark Gods.[4b]


  • The Dark Tongue spoken by Slaaneshi daemons is known to be sibilant. Mortal followers of Slaanesh will often slice their tongues into six forks, to better speak the language.[5a]