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A miniature of Kazyk on a Rot Beast.

Kazyk the Befouled is one of the most trusted lieutenants for Tamurkhan and his Tamurkhan's Horde, a foetid rider that goes to battle on the back of a Rot Beast.[1][2]


This fell champion is a rotting sack of putrescence in both mind, soul and body, a living testament to the full horrors of Nurgle's blessings and a rotting mockery of life. He feels no pain nor injury, is held together by the will to destroy and only when hacked completely apart and torn limb from limb will his malefic spirit cease to be.[1][2]

He can also release the breath of the plague pit from his filthy carcass, a vile miasma that empowers the devotees of Nurgle with appalling vigour.[2]

He is armed with Noxious Blades, encrusted with poisonous filth so baleful that it decays and sloughs flesh with its touch. His mount attacks with his slavering fangs.[2]


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