Daemon Pox Rider of Nurgle

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Three miniatures of Daemon Pox Riders on the back of Plague Toads.

Daemon Pox Riders of Nurgle are Plaguebearers of the Tamurkhan's Horde. They corral Plague Toads into battle by riding on their backs, forming the vanguards and mainstay of the legions of Nurgle.[1][2]


Pox Riders are armed with Plagueswords. Their powers are amplified if they are near a leader chosen by Nurgle. Pox Riders have an odious nature that attracts so many flies that they form clouds that obscure them from view and make them harder to hit at a distance.[2]

Their mounts attack with their grasping tongues and ravenous and wide maws, which yawn impossibly wide to devour their victims. Their flesh is so bloated and filled with abscess that most weapons slide off it with little effect and its foul bulk even ends up swallowing blades and arrows.[2]


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