Shadow Duardin

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Grand alliance Order
Origins Ulgu
Languages Khazalid
Type Mortal

Shadow Duardin are an ethnic group of Duardin who hail from the Realm of Ulgu. In the Age of Chaos they were forced to flee to the Realm of Azyr, joining the ranks of the Dispossessed. When the Gates of Azyr re-opened in the Age of Sigmar many chose to leave to reclaim Barak Gorn.[1a][1b]


Though they are largely the same in appearance as other Duardin they are known for having a heightened sensitivity to light, especially their eyes. To mitigate this they wear eye coverings, such as goggles, when visiting other Realms.[1c]


They are very similar in culture to other groups of Dispossessed Duardin. Though they are known to be even more suspicious of others than their kin, for in the Realm of Ulgu honesty is a rare commodity and a hasty contract can be full of unseen perils.[1a]

Settlements and Nations


The Shadow Duardin of Barak Gorn have long counted the Grey Aelves as their neighbors, though the relations between the two folk are often tenuous.[1a]


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