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Environments Caverns[1a]

Graz are a subterranean race living beneath the Broken Plains continent of the Realm of Aqshy.[1a]


The Graz are bat-ape-like creatures that live in caverns below the surface of the Broken Plains. Some are thin, pale-skinned creatures with hairless forms and bulging red-eyes.[1a]

Others are squat eyeless creatures with muscular frames covered in short red fur. They possess long arms and clawed hands, massive wrinkled noses and ears, and sharp teeth filling their mouths. Leathery membranes between their arms and legs allow them to control their descent when they attack prey from above.[1a]


The Graz do not appear to make use of clothes or tools, living simplistic lives hunting for prey and occasionally making use of bones to collect food, such as using them to bust open large fungi to get at the flesh beneath the outer membrane.[1a]



The Graz have been observed to eat humans, an assortment of animals large and small, such as bats, and cavern fungi.[1a]


Nyssa Volari theorizes that the Graz are an offshoot of humanity changed over aeons of dwelling in the caverns beneath the Broken Plains of Aqshy. Whatever their origin the scent of their blood is close enough to a human's that a Soulblight can find it difficult to tell the difference at a distance.[1a]


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