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Grand alliance Chaos
Associated factions Slaves to Darkness
Origins Allpoints
Type Mortal

Fomoroids are a race of cyclopic builders who had formerly served the lords of the Allpoints, they are known to be native to the demirealm. They are native to the Allpoints and were enslaved to build the Varanspire.[1a] Corrupted by the sorcery of Archaon these brutish beings can now only destroy and tear down, where once they were builders, memories of what they once were driving them into fits of rage in combat.[2a][2b]


The Fomoroids are a cyclopean race driven mad by the sorcery of Archaon the Everchosen. Once they were a race of builders, but now like so many corrupted by Chaos they have been twisted into monstrous killers. Most spend their lives in either the armies of Archaon or within the fighting pits spread across the Eightpoints. Those who dwell within the fighting pits have managed to cling to some measure of their past, using the carcasses of slain foes to cover their walls with primitive art, build mosaics of teeth, and paintings of splattered gore; their sentience and sapience struggling for dominance over the sorcery that shattered their minds.[2a]


Age of Myth

Once the Fomoroids were a caste of masons, stone workers, and masons within the myriad civilizations of the Allpoints, but rather than earning respect for their skill they were treated as little better than slaves by their masters.[2a]

Age of Chaos

Eventually they rose up in rebellion and crushed their cruel masters, victory was within their grasp, but then the Nexus Wars came to the Allpoints. Archaon conquered the Fomoroids, as he did all other peoples of the Allpoints. Archaon then worked a cruel sorcery on the Fomoroids, imprisoning and warping their minds into what they are now. Beings who once built wonders could now only ravage and destroy. Most of the now savage Fomoroids were absorbed into Archaon's armies, the rest were cast into fighting pits.[2a]

Age of Sigmar

Fomoroid Crushers can be seen fighting alongside the forces of the Slaves to Darkness.[2a]


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