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A Dankhold Troggoth.

Dankhold Troggoths are considered loners, even by the standards of the anti-social Troggoths. They prefer to lumber ever downwards into the deepest tunnels until they find a dankhold where they will sleep for decades or even centuries. Dankhold Troggoths shrink or grow to fit the space of the dankhold they have chosen. Those that cram themselves into cramped caverns will wake up half their original height and weight while those that falls asleep in an echoing cavern can wake up twenty years later several times larger. The Shamans of the Moonclan Grots believe this is due to their diet. While they would stuff anything within arms reach into their maw when they awaken, their real favourite and the staple of their nourishment are magical fungi that grow around deposits of realmstone. Even a Dankhold Troggoth's guts can't digest realmstone in its raw form and must rely on magic-saturated mushrooms such as Spark-o'-the-Pyres, Blackenshades and Irontongue Morels which contain accumulated primordial magic that can kill a creature their size after a few mouthfuls. Instead, it saturates the Dankhold Troggoths and fuel their metabolic and physical transmogrifications, making them remarkably resistant to hostile magics, which they often consume with a satisfied belch.[1a]

When they sleep, mushrooms and puffballs take root in their flesh as well as on the crude clubs of stone and fossilised wood they drag around like beloved companions. This alongside the deep-cavern stench that clings to them and the forests of small stalagmites that build up on their shoulders and heads, makes Dankhold Troggoths a reassuring presence for other subterranean denizens like the Moonclan Grots who see them as the spirit of the deep'n'dank when fighting in the Gloomspite hordes. These grots huddle close to their 'big mates', drawing confidence from their presence while letting the troggoths soak up the majority of enemy fire. For their enemies however they are figures of dread with the largest amongst them standing as tall as gargants and has the strength to batter down fortress gates and crush the mightiest warriors to bloody paste. Blades plunged into their thick hides are likely to be trapped as the wounds rapidly regenerate with wet slurps, while arrows and bolts have little effect on their skin. Even a severed limb can only slow them down. When they are taken down then it is due to concentrating firepower on the Troggoth which ultimately spares their allies scurrying into battle.[1a]





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