Claggit's Smotherers

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Claggit's Smotherers are a tribe of Moonclan Grots who live in the Kindling Forests of Vitrolia in Aqshy and believe that it is their duty to extinguish all flames.[1a][2a]


The leader of the Smotherers is Grand Smotherdouser Claggit, who preaches that fire is the breath of the sun and so the more fires his grots douse, the weaker Glareface Frazzlegit gets.[1a][2a]


The Smotherers dye their cloaks dark grey and green to represent grots scurrying about in the ash and smoke.[1a][2a]


The Smotherers travel far and wide searching for the Bad Moon and for impressive fires to douse in order to impress it. They pay especial attention to groups who venerate or utilize great fires; Fyreslayer lodges, Tzeentch Arcanite cabals, and Skryre enginecovens have all been overwhelmed by hordes of screaming grots, their objects of worship doused by brackish water or the stinking vomit of the Fellwater Troggoths who follow the Smotherers.[1a][2a]



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