Old Lady of the Bog

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The Old Lady of the Bog is a Troggoth matriarch that lives in the swamps of Verdia, known for her cunning and malice. She has never been recorded to leave her abode deep in the swamps, but her brood of Fellwater Troggoths - known for their luminescent glows and angler light-stalks - certainly do, luring many a frontiersmen to their death. [1]

There are many rumours about what she does with these captives - some believe that she has bartered an accord with the twisted Sylvaneth who dwell in these swamps, trading them higher unfortunate humans in exchange for arcane trinkets, whilst others claim that she sacrifices them in the light of the Bad Moon, opening up gateways to the shadowy Troggoth underworld- the Droogrind. [1]


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