Sneaky Snuffler

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Sneaky Snufflers are mobs of Moonclan Grots that range ahead the the main armies in search of the mushrooms known as Looncaps, that grow under the light of the Bad Moon. For this purpose they train Snufflesquigs to identify these mushrooms from those that induce effects such as vomit slime, break out in luminous yellow spots, babble uncontrollably or even burst into flames. When the Bad Moon approaches these unique squigs begin to howl with raised snouts.[1]

Sneaky Snufflers also locate cunning routes to the surface and backways into enemies' strongholds when they search for fungi in the tightest passages. They dash ahead of the Gloomspite hordes harvesting mushrooms that grow beneath the Bad Moon's light while cutting those who stand in their way with Loonfungus Sickles. They are even known for flinging out handfuls of fungi, sometimes including toxic ones to their comrades in the midst of battle and then watching the resultant loonacy with delight. [1]


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