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A Stalktribe is any Spiderfang raiding party bigger than a simple skittermob of Spider Riders.[1a]


Usually, a stalktribe is led by one or more Webspinner Shamans, but it is entirely possible for a Scuttleboss to command a stalktribe raid. The true power behind the stalktribe, however, is always a shaman; if one is not present on the raid, one is assuredly waiting impatiently back at the nest.[1a]

Similarly, while most stalktribes have at least one Arachnarok Spider anchoring their lines, sometimes they consist entirely of Spider Riders. Since the amount of Arachnaroks they can bring to bear at once is generally considered a good measure of a nest's strength, most scuttlebosses and shamans try to at least coax one to join the raid absent a good reason not to.[1a]


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